Monday, 2 May 2011

Ways To Make Money Online With No Investment

From time to time I come across various sites, which offer incredible ways of making money online. I did try a lot of them and now I want to share my experience and in this post I will share my top 3 favorite sites for earning money by writing content.

I do want to become a professional freelance writer that is why I practice my skills by writing for sites such as Squidoo, HubPages and Triond. – allows you to create special content pages (lenses), which will generate you money, whenever you visitors click sponsored listings. – is a very similar site, but it is based on Google Adsense revenue sharing. This means, you need an Adsense account to start writing for HubPages. – one of the newest sites for earning money by writing content. You can get paid depending on the popularity of your articles, which is not very good for a newbie.

Anyways, these three sites will surely help you  to earn money from home, you just have to take some time and get hold of it.